Vital provides a complete, ready-to-use solution

Vital builds on core Fedora™ capabilities to provide every feature—ingesting, storing, indexing, cataloging, searching and retrieving—required to handle large text and rich content collections. Workflows have been adapted to meet the specialized requirements of libraries and archives.

Specialized features of Vital go beyond typical repository capabilities to address your real life needs

Vital offers complex object support, authority management, flexible relationship building, the VALET submission workflow tool and consortium features that allow multiple institutions or separate departments to share the repository while retaining control over their materials.

Configurable web interface options provide powerful search and retrieval to make your digital content accessible

Vital includes its own web access portal, but can also be accessed through Chivas Social Discovery. Customers wanting to implement a more unique and distinctive interface for their collections can use VTLS custom Drupal modules and Drupal design and implementation services.

Vital supports the metadata format you use

OAI-PMH, Dublin Core, MARCXML, and MIX (Metadata for Images in XML Schema) are among the most common, but any format can be supported by modifying style sheets. Vital also includes conversion to/from the various formats to allow data exchange.

Flexible design and an open-source core ensure adaptability to meet your future needs

Vital delivers a flexible and highly customizable solution for managing the digital resources of any type of information center. With open-source Fedora at the core, customers can also create their own tools, enhance the provided functionality, or leverage the open source community for future applications using Fedora™ defined web services.

Also available as Software as a Service (SaaS)

Vital SaaS lets you focus on creating and managing your content while we manage your system - affordably, without up-front investment in hardware and technical infrastructure. For customers needing a small-scale repository or customers interested in a repository but lacking the budget for a full on-site implementation, Vital SaaS can provide the environment to allow you to begin adding content immediately, and to make it accessible to the world as soon as you are ready. Vital provides every feature–ingesting, storing, indexing, cataloging, searching and retrieving–required for handling large text and rich content collections. Vital takes advantage of technology standards such as RDF, XML, TEI, EAD and Dublin Core to easily describe and index an assortment of electronic resources. Vital leverages the benefits of open-source solutions such as Apache, MySQL, McKOI and FEDORA™. Vital conforms to common Internet data communications standards such as TCP/IP, HTTP, SOAP and FTP. Additional standards utilized include WSDL Web Services, OAI-PMH, Dublin Core, MARCXML, JHOVE, MIX (Metadata for Images in XML Schema), and SRU. Vital provides workflow extensions, management utilities, robust indexing, advanced searching capabilities, and specialized content displays to enhance the functionality of the underlying object repository architecture. Using web services, Vital provides a mechanism for your organization to create tools, enhance the provided functionality, or leverage the open-source community for future applications. Together, the package is known as Vital. As the only product of its kind on the market, Vital delivers a flexible and highly customizable solution for managing the digital resources of any type of information center.

Key benefits of Vital include:

  • Storage and management of any content format due to Vital's repository architecture.
  • Integration with existing systems through open, standards-based protocols.
  • Ability to search the full-text content of PDF, DOC, RTF and other document formats.
  • Ability to display high resolution imagery, multi-page documents, and specialized data formats.
  • Ability to automatically capture preservation metadata and create long-term, citable DOIs.
  • Integrated editors for easy editing of metadata.
  • Customizable templates for display of content.
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